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Sacre Bleu: A Comedy d’Art by Christopher Moore

I always feel like I should start with a disclaimer – I simply love Christopher Moore, and am predisposed to love anything he writes. If you don’t like him, I doubt I’ll change your mind, but just maybe… Sacre Bleu is … Continue reading

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Ah, yes, summer school is over and now I can blog about the books I’m reading for myself. I do intend to continue doing book reviews, just without the titles and sections necessary for class. And what better way to … Continue reading

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Week 7: The Wall

Book summary: The true genius of this book is that it manages to be several book in one. Introduced with a history narrative, the action starts very basically – with simple sentences, describing the simple thoughts of a baby or … Continue reading

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Week 10: Amulet: The Stonekeeper

Book summary: After losing her father in a tragic car accident, Emily’s family works to put the pieces together. But two years later find them packing for a house that has been in her mother’s family for years. Warned that the … Continue reading

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Week 9: Jazz

Book summary: Walter Dean Myers’ collection of poetry tells the story of Jazz, that distinctly American music form, in swinging words and be-bopping rhythms. The introduction gives readers an education in what jazz is, while the glossary and timeline provide further … Continue reading

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Week 5: The Red Pyramid

Book summary: Carter and Sadie Kane aren’t really looking forward to the Christmas Eve trip to the British Museum with their father. Carter goes to far too many museums, as he lives with their Egyptologist dad; Sadie considers herself a city … Continue reading

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Week 9: Castles: Old Stone Poems

Book summary: Castles: Old Stone Poems takes us on a lyrical tour of (mostly European) castles. The poems capture a bit of the history of the castles, the places they are, and the people who lived in them. The illustrations are beautiful; … Continue reading

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